“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

"Frančeskija garden nursery" - production and sale of forest seedlings and ornamental plants. Frančeskija garden nursery was founded in 1970 as part of the then organization of the ISTRIA BUZET Forestry Buje. It is located in the area of northwestern Istria, 1.5 km from the westernmost point of Croatia - Cape Savudrija. The nursery area belongs to a humid climate, with an average annual rainfall of 900 mm and an average annual air temperature of 13 ° C. It is important to note that the maximum rainfall falls in the autumn, while the minimum falls in the summer. With the founding of a public company, today the trading company Hrvatske šume d.o.o., the production of forest seedlings started in the nursery, in the container that we deliver to the field as seedlings 1 + 0 or 2 + 0. The most common species in production are black pine (Pinus nigra), coastal pine (Pinus maritima), pine (Pinus brutia), oak (Quercus robur), oak (Quercus pubescens), oak (Quercus cerris), common beech (Fagus sylvatica). Production of forest seedlings is increasing year by year and is carried out under the health and professional supervision of the Croatian Forestry Institute Jastrebarsko. In the production of ornamental plants we use vegetative and generative propagation. Following the needs and news of the market, we are increasing the range of plants year by year. In the nursery we produce deciduous and evergreen shrubs, climbing plants, perennials, seasonal flowers. Preventive plant protection measures and the use of quality substrates and fertilizers produce quality planting material in containers of various dimensions that allow planting of plants during the growing season. The complete range of plants is made by our own production. We are proud that, based on years of experience and monitoring the growth and development of plants from seed or cuttings to the formation of an adult plant, we can provide expert advice in the selection, cultivation and protection of plants.

We have decorated the environment of our facility and balconies with flowering plants, perennials and ornamental plants with confidence in Frančeskija nursery. We are grateful to them for their education and kindness.

Dragica Lukin

International gastronomic judge

At the Frančeskija nursery we have been buying plant material for the purpose of arranging the Skipper Resort for almost 10 years. In addition to the quality of the herbs, there is also a big amount of herbs available so it is very easy to design landscaping for smaller and larger areas. The plant material has a continuous quality, year after year the same assortment of plant material is always of the same quality or better.

Marta Živković Poropat

Horticulture Manager, Skiper Resort

Thanks to their professional approach and the high standard and quality of their seedlings of ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials from their own production, we have completed several successful projects.

mr.sc. Vida Vladimir, dipl.ing.agr.

director and designer of landscape architecture, VIDA VERDE d.o.o.

All the seedlings are extremely healthy and with some care they are making good progress. We received all the information, but more importantly, we were taught what to plant and how to nurture it, and we were also able to arrange everything by email.

Kralj Family